100+ International Stout Day wishes and Instagram captions

International Stout Day is observed annually on the first Thursday of May. It’s a day to celebrate the dark, roasted, malty beer style of stout. Stouts are usually high in alcohol content and have a distinctive roasted flavor. On International Stout Day, stout lovers around the world raise a glass to this iconic beer style.

If you’re looking for the perfect way to commemorate International Stout Day on social media or share wishes with fellow stout aficionados, here are over 100 caption ideas, wishes, and quotes!

Funny Stout Day Wishes & Quotes

  • May your stout be dark, your day bright, and your glass always full on International Stout Day!
  • Here’s to drinking dark beers and having even darker senses of humor. Happy International Stout Day!
  • Stout beers and stout hearts – that’s what International Stout Day is all about!
  • Maybe it’s the beer talking, but I stout-ly love you all! Happy Stout Day!
  • Ale or lager? Nay, I’m a stouter – Happy International Stout Day!
  • Stout is in session – no light beers allowed today!
  • I don’t always drink beer, but when I do, it’s a stout brew on International Stout Day.
International Stout Day wishes
  • The only holiday dedicated to dark, roasty beer? My kind of celebration! Cheers to Stout Day!
  • Out with the light lagers, in with the bold stouts on this day!
  • May all your beers be stouts and all your stouts be imperials today!
  • I came, I saw, I stouted. Happy International Stout Day!
  • Sitting on the stout for Stout Day!

Sentimental Stout Day Messages

  • As we raise a glass on Stout Day, here’s to good friends, good beers, and good times. Cheers!
  • On International Stout Day, I’m thankful for stouts, as well as everyone who enjoys them with me. Salud!
  • stouts have a special place in my heart. Thankful today’s a day to savor them!
  • Grateful for another Stout Day and to have people like you to share it with.
  • Stouts remind me of cozy nights, great conversations, and friends like you. Happy Stout Day!
International Stout Day wishes
  • Even the darkest stouts can’t compare to how much our friendship means to me. Cheers to Stout Day!
  • However you say it – slainte, proost, salud – toasting you on International Stout Day!
  • On Stout Day and every day, so grateful for good company, good beer, and good times with you.
  • As we celebrate International Stout Day, I just want to let you know I’m so lucky to have a friend like you!

Funny Quotes on International Stout Day

  • “Stouts are like my soul – dark, bitter, and full of alcohol.”
  • “I don’t always drink beer, but when I do, I prefer an imperial stout.”
  • “Friends don’t let friends drink lagers on Stout Day.”
  • “Drinking a stout is like drinking a dark chocolate coffee milkshake…with alcohol.”
  • “A stout a day keeps the bad decisions at bay.”
  • “Stout beer has the same effect on me as the full moon has on werewolves.”
  • “Stout beer: reminding you that tonight’s poor decisions will be tomorrow’s regrets since 1759.”
  • “Roses are red, violets are blue, I like stouts, and soon I’ll be drunk too.”

Stout Day Instagram Captions

  • Dark as night, rich as coffee, smooth as velvet – stouts, I love you. #InternationalStoutDay
  • If it’s not a stout, we stoutly refuse to drink it today. #InternationalStoutDay #StoutDay
International Stout Day wishes
  • In a world full of hops, be a malt. #InternationalStoutDay #StoutDay
    -Tonight’s forecast: 100% chance of drinking stouts. #InternationalStoutDay
  • Sipping a stout darker than my soul. #InternationalStoutDay
  • May our stouts be strong and our friendships stronger. #InternationalStoutDay #StoutDay
  • A stout a day keeps the bad vibes away. #InternationalStoutDay
  • Life is too short to drink bad beer. #InternationalStoutDay #StoutDay
  • Out with the light beers, in with the bold stouts. #InternationalStoutDay
  • Good brews, good friends, good times. Need I stout more? #InternationalStoutDay
  • Stoutly refusing to drink anything but dark and roasty today. #InternationalStoutDay
  • Happiness is a pint of stout. #InternationalStoutDay
  • Stressed, blessed, and stout obsessed. #InternationalStoutDay
  • Show your dark side – drink a stout! #InternationalStoutDay
  • Beer and friends – the perfect blend. #InternationalStoutDay #StoutDay

We hope this gives you plenty of ideas on how to celebrate International Stout Day on social media and with your friends! Feel free to mix and match these funny, sentimental, and inspirational wishes, quotes, and captions. And of course – most importantly – be sure to enjoy plenty of delicious, creamy stouts to properly observe this international beer holiday. Cheers!