15 Best Cocktail Books of 2022 – Get Yours Now!

When it comes to learning how to make killer cocktails, there’s no book better than the 15 best cocktail books available today. Inside these pages, you’ll find detailed recipes and even more detailed instructions on how to make these drinks at home with the best possible results. No matter your experience level, each of these books will be extremely useful in helping you master the world of mixing drinks at home. Click through to see the 15 best cocktail books of 2022 today!

1) The Bartender’s Bible by Gary Regan

The Bartender’s Bible by Gary Regan is one the best cocktail books you can get. The book covers everything you need to know about spirits and cocktails, but it also includes recipes for both classic and new cocktails.

 This book is a must-have for any cocktail enthusiast and is considered by many to be one of, if not the, best cocktail books.

All About The Gin & Tonics: This cocktail book is another excellent choice for anyone who loves gin and tonic cocktails. All About The Gin & Tonics was written by Nino Salvaggio, an avid drinker who spent time at Bombay Sapphire distillery learning everything he could about gins.

2) The PDT Cocktail Book by Jim Meehan

The PDT Cocktail Book by Jim Meehan is a great cocktail book for those who want to learn more about the famous bar. It includes recipes from both past and present bartenders, as well as information about the history of PDT and how to get there. If you’re looking for a cocktail book that is both educational and aesthetically pleasing, this is it.

3) Death & Co by David Kaplan, Nick Fauchald, and Alex Day

No list of cocktail books would be complete without Death & Co, the seminal cocktail book from two of America’s most respected bartenders. Aside from its incredible cocktail recipes and gorgeous photography, this book is a how-to guide for creating an environment that promotes good drinking. This beautiful bar book is a must for any bartender who wants to keep up with the latest trends in mixology.

4) Aperitif by Rebekah Peppler

This year, the cocktail books that will be blowing up your bookshelves are:

-Aperitif by Rebekah Peppler: This book is perfect for home bartenders who love to have cocktails in their kitchen. It has tons of recipes for seasonal cocktails and drinks from all over the world. The photography is really beautiful and the design is stunning. It’s a great coffee table book if you’re looking for something to impress your guests with at home.

-The Art of Drink by David Wondrich: For cocktail enthusiasts, this book is a must-have.

5) Smuggler’s Cove by Martin Cate

You can’t really talk about cocktail books without mentioning Smuggler’s Cove. This book is a comprehensive guide to the art and history of cocktails, with a focus on drinks in the Pacific Rim region. It also features a few pages on how to make some cocktails you might not be familiar with, like a Pisco Sour or an Adonis. You’ll get recipes for well-known classics as well as ones that are hard to find in bars around the world, like a Japanese highball or Indian punch. The book ends with tips for bartenders and what they need to have behind their bar to serve drinks from all over the world.

6) Shake. Stir. Sip. by Kara Newman

Kara Newman’s debut cocktail book, Shake. Stir. Sip., is a must-have for anyone looking to learn about the craft cocktail movement and get inspired to make their own original drinks. Newman takes readers through her journey as she learns from bartenders around the world, from New York City all the way to Hawaii. This creative process includes everything from learning new techniques and recipes to discovering what it means to live a life that is centered on creativity, passion, and curiosity.

Newman discusses how cocktail making has become an art form in recent years and how she considers herself an artist who specializes in cocktails rather than a bartender.

7) The Art of the Shim by Eric Prum and Josh Williams

In addition to featuring 150 recipes for drinks that go beyond the typical 20th century classics, this best cocktail book also offers a unique perspective on the history and culture of cocktails. The authors explore shim as a category that includes both cocktails and non-alcoholic beverages, offering innovative twists on everything from teas to juice-based drinks. The Art of the Shim by Eric Prum and Josh Williams is one of 15 best cocktail books in 2022.

8) Tiki by Shannon Mustipher

Tiki is one of the best cocktail books available. Author Shannon Mustipher is an expert in the field and has traveled the world to learn about tiki culture. He even opened his own tiki bar in San Francisco, Smuggler’s Cove. It is just what you need to create your own tiki drinks at home.

9)  Bourbon by Fred Minnick

This book covers the history, the distilling process, cocktail recipes, and more. It is a delightful read with beautiful pictures that make you want to try out these cocktails. This book is perfect for someone who loves bourbon or wants to learn more about it.

10)  Scotch Whisky  by Dave Broom

Scotch Whisky by Dave Broom is a must-have for any whisky lover. This best cocktail books takes you through the history, production, and flavor profiles of Scotch whisky and is perfect for those who are looking to learn about this incredible drink.

It’s illustrated with stunning photographs, as well as color illustrations that make it easy to follow along. The author also includes a chapter on tasting and appreciating scotch whisky, which is perfect for novices or experts alike.

11)  American Cocktails  by Paul Clarke

The classic American cocktail book you’ll want to have on your shelf. Clarke’s American Cocktails is a must-have for any home library with 150 recipes that were all tested, tasted, and approved by an expert panel. The book includes favorites such as the Martini, Manhattan, Sazerac, and Tom Collins as well as drinks such as the Dark ‘n Stormy, French 75, and Vieux Carré.

12)  Gin: A Global History  by Gin Foundry

A book on the history of gin is not only a great read, but it’s also a way to learn about the history and culture of an age-old spirit. The Gin Foundry’s Gin: A Global History is a travelogue that examines gin’s history in many countries.

13)  Bitters  by Brad Thomas Parsons

Bitters is the best cocktail books by Brad Thomas Parsons that focuses on the most overlooked and under-utilized ingredient in cocktails, bitters. This book will teach you how to make your own, how to pair them with spirits, and which cocktails to use them in. The book also includes recipes for 75 different types of bitters.

14)  World Whiskey  by Charles MacLean

World Whiskey by Charles MacLean is a great cocktail book, and it was actually one of the first ones I ever bought. I remember seeing it on the shelf in my favorite bookstore and thinking I have to have this. It’s full of recipes for classic cocktails like Martinis, Sours, Negronis, Old Fashioneds, and Manhattan variations.

15)  The Cocktail Lab  by Tad Carducci and Tony Conigliaro

The Cocktail Lab is a comprehensive guide to the history and techniques behind the world’s most popular cocktails. Learn how to make drinks like The Bloody Mary, The Old Fashioned, and The Ramos Gin Fizz with this book in hand.


Cocktails are an art form, and these books can help you get your leg up. Whether you’re looking to add more creativity to your drinks or learn the history of your favorite drink, these best cocktail books have something for everyone.