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These liquor quotes will inspire you to think about your next drink and encourage you to close your tab, maybe forever.

Drinking is pure joy; it is a symbol of celebration, happiness, and comfort, and it brings us together to enjoy life’s most precious moments. Some of our fondest memories are of drinking in the dorms with our college roommates, toasting our best friends at their wedding, or simply celebrating the start of the year. 

We all deserve a little fun from time to time (with responsibility, of course). These liquor quotes should ideally sum up your feelings for those who enjoy a good happy hour.

Liquor Quotes that you love

1. Alcohol is a solution according to chemistry.

2. You look like I need another drink.

3. I used to believe that drinking was harmful to my health, so I stopped thinking about it.

liquor quotes that you Love

4.  Save water, drink beer.

5. Hakuna Ma’Vodka – means you won’t have any memories for the rest of the evening.

6. Capri Sun pouches should be used to serve alcohol. You’ve had enough when you can’t get the straw into the hole any longer.

7. Alcohol will not solve your problems. Then again, neither will milk.

8. Alcohol is the best “nighttime, speech slurring, headache-inducing, dehydration-inducing, drink spilling, charm killing, so you think you can dance” medicine.

9. Alcohol + “Watch this!” = 911

10. Childhood is like being drunk in that everyone remembers everything you do except you.

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11. Give me coffee to wake me up, and wine to calm me down.

12. I like coffee to help me change what I can’t, and wine to accept what I can’t.

13. I’m feeling a little overworked and under-intoxicated right now.

14. Life isn’t like a fairytale. You’re drunk if you lose your shoe at midnight.

15. “Trust me you can dance”- Vodka

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16. I gave up drinking for good. Now I drink for nefarious purposes.

17. The world’s problem is that everyone is a couple of drinks behind.

18. The drinking classes’ curse is work.

19. I drink in order to make others more interesting.

20. My alcohol system has far too much blood.

21. Scotch: Because white wine isn’t going to fix the world’s problems.

22. “Here’s to alcohol, the life’s rose-colored glasses.”

23. Give me more wine, or leave me alone.

24. You take a drink first, then the drink takes a drink, and finally, the drink takes you.

25. Man is never too poor to buy war or booze.

26. There are four hours in a day and 24 beers in a case. Coincidence?

27. You should drink when you’re pleased, not when you’re sad.

28. Drinking makes dull people matter less, and it doesn’t matter at all late at night.

29.  What are you drinking? A brief break from thinking

30. I stopped reading when I learned about the dangers of alcohol.

31. Wars and alcoholic beverages are never out of reach for the rich or poor.

32. You start with a drink, and the drink takes another drink, and finally, you’re drunk.

33. A man should never sacrifice his drink for any reason, not even for love.

34. If you drink, you’re an alcoholic; if you don’t drink, you’re not a real man. Funny how society works like that.

35. It’s better to be hung over than it is sober.

Our liquor quotes can allow you to enjoy some of the best sayings and quotations about liquor, alcohol, and drinks! We hope you will appreciate the value in these liquor quotes and take away something from them.