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When you think of vodka, you know it’s from Poland. You might think of water. That’s because the word vodka comes from the Slavic phrase “voda” which means “water.” Its cool and unpretentious nature originated in Russia where it is traditionally consumed chilled and neat without water and ice. In this blog post, we will share some of the most insane vodka facts.

Vodka is one of the most well-known spirits in the world. Let’s take a look at some of the most fascinating Vodka facts.

30+Interesting Vodka facts

1. Guess what? The most expensive bottle of vodka in the world is 3.75 million dollars!

2. That’s right, you heard it here first. Vodka contains only 90 calories per shot!


4. You can have vodka that’s gluten-free too!


6. Vodka comes in a variety of flavors, like blueberry vodka!

7. Vodka is the purest drink because it has no flavor!

8. You know what’s the best thing about vodka? It has an expiry date!

9. You didn’t know that a Russian peasant started the most popular vodka brand?

Vodka Facts You Don’t Know

10. There’s a vodka museum in Russia and it’s the most perfect place to learn about the history of this delicious drink.



13. Vodka can be used as an aftershave.

Interesting Vodka facts

14. Many countries’ regulations require vodka to have a minimum alcohol concentration of 40%.

15. That’s right, vodka can only be stored for 12 months!

16. The Bloody Mary and Martini are the most popular cocktails.

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17. When you’re looking to cool down this summer, try a tall glass of cold vodka.

18. Russians and Vodka are inseparable. It’s a long-lasting love affair that spans from the very beginning of time.

19. That’s right – 25% of all Russian men die before they reach their mid-50s, mainly due to drinking vodka.

20. Did you know that vodka was invented in Poland? It was first produced in the 8th century.

21 Vodka and citrus sodas keep cut flowers fresh. It’s easy to do with some lemon-lime soda, vodka, and water.

22 Sprite was created to mix with whiskey and vodka 

23 That’s right! Drinking vodka or any other form of liquor will reduce the pain of hot pepper.

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24 The US-traded Pepsi to Russia in 1990 for vodka and warships.

25 The moon landings in 1969 inspired the Soviet cosmonauts to celebrate with vodka and joy.

26 Vodka can be used as an antidote for antifreeze poisoning.

27 Say goodbye to big pores and wrinkles because vodka can tighten your skin and shrink your pores.

Interesting Vodka facts

28 Did you know that in the 1800s, vodka was originally sold in buckets?

29 Imagine the surprise when they found out that a liter of vodka only weighs 953 g!

30. Russia banned the sale of vodka during World War I!

FAQ related to Vodka Facts

What is special about vodka?

Vodka is entirely different from the rest of the spirits. Be it in taste, formation (distillation process), use, or smell, and yet is still termed as Spirit. It’s the most different spirit among the other spirits because of its composition (which is also a reason it is drunk neat and pure).

Is vodka good for your health?

It’s important to know that vodka is a widely enjoyed alcohol around the world and helps lower cholesterol, actually helping to prevent clots, strokes, and heart disease. For those watching their weight, it’s also generally considered a lower-calorie alcohol.

Who invented vodka?

There’s a legend that says around 1430, a monk named Isidore from Chudov Monastery inside the Moscow Kremlin made a recipe for the first Russian vodka. He used special distillation devices and unique knowledge to create a new type of beverage that was higher in quality than other vodkas.

Is vodka really made from potatoes?

You may have heard that most or all vodka are made from potatoes. In reality, it’s a tiny fraction (I heard 1% at one point), while the rest is made mostly from grains (though some are from sugar byproducts, grapes, or even milk whey).

We hope you like our vodka facts. They are designed to fit on bottle labels, but you can print them out for your drinking buddies too. Please, do drink responsibly and have a healthy life.