Best Way Make Your Own Moscow Mules

The Moscow mules cocktail has had quite the resurgence lately, and it’s easy to see why! Made with just three ingredients — vodka, ginger beer, and lime juice — it’s light, refreshing, and perfect for any occasion. If you’ve got your own favorite vodka already, then this recipe will be right up your alley. We’ll also show you how to make homemade ginger beer so you can take your Moscow mules from the bar to your home bar in no time!

History of Moscow Mules

The Moscow mule is a cocktail that was created in the 1940s by John G. Martin, a salesman for Heublein Brothers, who came up with it while drinking at a bar in the Hotel Monteleone during a sales trip to New Orleans. It’s usually made from vodka, ginger beer, and lime juice. The drink became popular in 1949 when it was introduced to greater New York City by John Scheft of Chatham Bars Inn as a great summer cooler. The drink spread across the country after its introduction on West Coast as well as Midwestern U.S., and is now served worldwide.

Ingredients for Moscow Mules

-1/4 cup of ginger syrup

-1 lime, cut into wedges

-2 ounces vodka (we recommend a citrusy variety like Tito’s)

-4 cups of ice cubes


Moscow mule cocktail recipe is easy to make with a few ingredients. At the end of this post, you will find a vodka recipe for making your own Moscow mule mix.

* Place two shots of vodka in an ice-filled highball glass.

* Add one shot of ginger beer and lime juice each, then fill the glass with ice cubes and top it off with club soda.

* Stir together until combined and garnish with a slice of lime before serving.

Why does a Moscow Mules have to be in a copper cup?

The copper mug, which is typically used in the Moscow mule cocktail recipe, helps to keep the drink cold. Copper has a thermal conductivity coefficient of 18.2–22.1 W/(m·K), which means that it takes less energy to cool the drinks and keeps them cold for a longer period of time than if you were using a glass or plastic cup. Since copper is also an excellent conductor of heat and electricity, putting your hands on it will warm up your drink as well!

What alcohol is best for Moscow Mules?

Many people think that the best alcohol for a Moscow mules is vodka. However, some argue that the cocktail recipe tastes better with gin. The general consensus, however, is that you should use a strong liquor for this cocktail recipe like vodka, whiskey or tequila.

What is the difference between a Moscow Mules and a Kentucky mule?

The difference between a Moscow Mule and a Kentucky mule is that the vodka in the Kentucky mule is bourbon, while it’s vodka in the Moscow Mule. The ginger beer is also different. In the Kentucky mule, it’s ginger ale, while it’s ginger beer in the Moscow Mule.

How to Serve

Making your own Moscow Mule cocktail is easy with this recipe and the perfect way to have a drink on the rocks. The vodka recipe includes simple ingredients like ginger beer, lime juice, limes slices and vodka.