Green Mark Vodka Review: A True Taste of Russia?

Green Mark Vodka has earned a reputation as Russia’s top premium vodka brand. Known for its smooth taste and high quality, Green Mark has become a worldwide success. But does this popular Russian export truly reflect the vodka traditions and flavors of its motherland? Our review aims to find out if Green Mark lives up to its hype.

The History and Making of Green Mark Vodka

First produced in the Moscow region in 1997, Green Mark was crafted to rival other top-shelf Russian vodkas like Russian Standard and Beluga. Made from wheat and pure glacial water filtered through quartz sand, Green Mark is distilled using a traditional 5-step filtration process. It’s then bottled in sleek, modern packaging while emphasizing its Russian heritage.

Green Mark quickly rose in popularity both in Russia and abroad. It’s become the top selling Russian vodka in over 20 countries including the US. As of today, over 120 million bottles of Green Mark are sold annually worldwide.

Green Mark Vodka Review

Tasting Notes and Review

We did a taste test of Green Mark vodka against two other popular Russian vodkas – Russian Standard and Beluga Noble. Right away, you can smell the crisp purity that Green Mark is known for. On first sip, it starts out smooth with a clean feel and no burn. Subtle hints of grain come through with a touch of vanilla sweetness. It finishes dry and light, easier to drink straight than Beluga but less flavorful than Russian Standard.

While exceptionally smooth and easy drinking, Green Mark lacks the full, rich mouthfeel of other Russian vodkas. It mixes cleanly in cocktails like Moscow Mules without overpowering other ingredients. However, sipped straight it tastes a bit thin compared to premium brands like Beluga with its honeyed complexity.

Overall for us, Green Mark is a very drinkable go-to Russian vodka though it doesn’t quite stand out as a top-tier sipper on its own.

The Price and Value of Green Mark Vodka

Priced around $21 for a 750ml bottle, Green Mark sits on the higher end for Russian vodkas. Brands like Russian Standard offer comparable quality for a bit less. So is Green Mark worth the premium price tag?

For its smoothness and reputation, we think Green Mark delivers solid value. While not as nuanced or flavorful as a high-end vodka like Beluga, Green Mark makes for an easy, quality spirit. For only a few dollars more than mid-range brands, Green Mark represents a good step up in polish and mixability.

Compared to titans like Grey Goose or Ketel One which can cost $35+, Green Mark also holds its own in the premium vodka sphere while emphasizing its Russian pedigree. So for vodka drinkers wanting that balance of status and accessibility, Green Mark is a smart option.

pros and cons of Green Mark vodka:

Green Mark Vodka Review


Smooth taste – Green Mark vodka is known for having a smooth, crisp taste without too much burn or bite. It goes down easily either straight or mixed in cocktails.
High quality – Made from premium ingredients like wheat and glacial water, Green Mark is distilled and filtered using a traditional 5-step process for purity.
No flavor additives – Many vodkas add flavors and sugary mixes, but Green Mark relies on its base ingredients for a clean taste.
Versatile for cocktails – With its mild flavor profile, Green Mark mixes cleanly without overpowering other ingredients. It’s great in vodka mixes.
Reputation – As Russia’s top selling vodka worldwide, Green Mark has a reputation for quality and heritage.
Value – Priced competitively for a premium vodka, Green Mark delivers smoothness and cachet for the price point.


Lack of character – While smooth, some critique Green Mark vodka as not having a distinct character or complexity.
Not a premium sipper – More a mixer than a sipper, Green Mark is outshone by higher-end Russian vodkas when drunk neat.
Higher cost – Similarly priced vodkas like Russian Standard offer comparable quality for less.
Brand recognition – Less familiar than big names like Grey Goose or Absolut to the average consumer.
Imported – Coming from Russia, it may cost more and be less available than domestic brands.
Packaging – Some find Green Mark’s labeling and packaging unappealing compared to sleeker brands.

Our Final Verdict

Overall, Green Mark vodka stands as a worthy purchase for vodka enthusiasts curious to try one of Russia’s most famed modern brands. While it doesn’t quite match the richness and depth of an ultra-premium vodka, Green Mark vodka delivers on smoothness and drinkability.

For those seeking an authentic Russian spirit to stock their home bar or gift to vodka lovers, Green Mark makes for an impressive and quintessentially Russian choice. We recommend trying it in chilled vodka cocktails and savoring its clean taste of grain and vanilla. Just don’t expect the fullest bodied Russian sipping experience.

At its reasonable price point though, Green Mark vodka satisfies as an easy-drinking Russian export. It may not be the most nuanced vodka, but earns its place as a global favorite and an ambassador of modern Russian vodka making.