Sip on This! Our Smirnoff Root Beer Vodka Review

If you enjoy an ice cold root beer on a hot summer day, then you’ll definitely want to give Smirnoff’s root beer flavored vodka a try. This specialty vodka combines smooth Smirnoff vodka with the sweet, bubbly flavors of old fashioned root beer for a unique and tasty adult beverage. We got our hands on a bottle to provide you with an in-depth review of Smirnoff root beer vodka.

About Smirnoff Root Beer Vodka

Smirnoff root beer vodka is part of Smirnoff’s expansive flavored vodka lineup. It combines the company’s classic triple distilled vodka with natural root beer flavors for a boozy soda-inspired spirit. The vodka has an ABV of 30% and is meant to be enjoyed chilled and mixed into cocktails rather than sipped straight.

Smirnoff Root Beer Vodka Review

Smirnoff root beer vodka delivers sweet, creamy root beer aroma and taste derived from vanilla, wintergreen, birch bark, anise, nutmeg, and other spices. The flavors are spot-on and make you feel like you’re indulging in a specialty craft root beer rather than an alcoholic beverage.

The Tasting Experience

Here’s how Smirnoff root beer vodka tasted when we sampled it:

Smirnoff Root Beer Vodka Review

Appearance: Crystal clear liquid just like traditional unflavored Smirnoff vodka. No coloration from the root beer flavors.

Aroma: As soon as you crack open the bottle, the rich, nostalgic smell of root beer floats into your nostrils. Hints of wintergreen, vanilla, honey, licorice, and warm baking spices make it super aromatic.

Flavor: Sweet vanilla and honey kick things off. The middle features spicy notes of anise, cinnamon, and wintergreen. It finishes creamy with hints of caramel and molasses. The root beer flavors are prominent but well-balanced.

Feel: Silky smooth mouthfeel with no harsh burn going down. The sweetness provides a nice cover for the alcohol kick. Lingering root beer flavors make you go back for more sips.

Overall: We were really impressed with how true to real root beer the flavors were. It’s sweet but not overly saccharine. The 30% alcohol provides a noticeable warming sensation but is remarkably smooth.

Who Would Enjoy Smirnoff Root Beer Vodka?

Smirnoff root beer vodka will appeal to a few different groups:

  • Root beer lovers – If you delight in the nostalgic flavors of old fashioned root beer, this vodka is for you. It’s like an adult spin on a classic soda.
  • Flavored vodka fans – Smirnoff’s root beer vodka adds another interesting option to their lineup along with existing flavors like orange, grape, vanilla, citrus, and more.
  • Cocktail enthusiasts – The sweet, creamy flavors make this vodka an ideal base spirit for indulgent cold weather cocktails. Mix it into boozy root beer floats, mudslides, creamy sodas and more.
  • Vodka drinkers looking to change it up – If you regularly drink vodka sodas or vodka cranberries, subbing in Smirnoff root beer vodka will give your go-to a delicious flavor twist.

How to Enjoy Smirnoff Root Beer Vodka

Smirnoff root beer vodka is at its best when chilled and used as a mixer rather than sipped straight or on the rocks. The sweet, smooth flavor profile allows it to shine when paired with creamy liqueurs and sodas. Here are some of our favorite ways to enjoy it:

  • Root beer float cocktail – Mix root beer vodka with vanilla vodka, root beer soda and vanilla ice cream for an boozy twist on a float. Garnish with whipped cream and a maraschino cherry.
  • “Not Your Father’s” root beer – Substitute root beer vodka for the beer in this popular bottled craft root beer for a higher proof version.
  • Root beer milkshake shot – Blend root beer vodka with milk, chocolate syrup and vanilla vodka. Rim the glass with chocolate chips for a sweet shot.
  • Root beer mule – Swap ginger beer for root beer and use root beer vodka as the base spirit for a refreshing, lightly spiced mule.
  • Root beer old fashioned – Muddle orange slice and cherry with bitters, then add root beer vodka and stir into an ice-cold glass for a root beer-licious twist on a classic cocktail.

No matter how you mix it, Smirnoff root beer vodka adds sweet, nostalgic flavor to your favorite vodka cocktails and shots. It’s wonderfully smooth and easy to drink.

Where to Buy Smirnoff Root Beer Vodka

Smirnoff root beer vodka is rolling out nationwide, but availability may vary depending on your location. You can find it at most major liquor retailers like BevMo, Total Wine and More, and ABC Fine Wine & Spirits for approximately $12 a 750mL bottle. It may also be available at some grocery stores, liquor stores, drug stores or convenience/gas stations that sell liquor.

Buy it on your own or pick up a bottle for anyone in your life who loves flavored vodkas or unique soda flavors. It also makes a fun gift for root beer aficionados. Make sure to call or check online inventory before heading to the store.

The Verdict on Smirnoff Root Beer Vodka

If you enjoy flavored vodka or love the taste of root beer, picking up a bottle of Smirnoff root beer vodka is a no-brainer. This specialty vodka delivers incredibly accurate root beer flavor that makes you feel like a kid again. It’s sweet but not cloying with a balanced flavor profile.

We think it tastes fabulous chilled, mixed into ice cold cocktails, or substituted in place of beer or vodka in favorite soda drinks. The flavor versatility also makes Smirnoff root beer vodka shine. It’s ideal for sipping during spring and summer months, but we can see it being a huge hit for winter cocktails too.

At around $12 a bottle, Smirnoff root beer vodka is very reasonably priced for the specialty flavor. Smirnoff nailed it with this one – their root beer vodka genuinely tastes like a boozy craft soda. The smoothness of the vodka pairs perfectly with the sweet, nostalgic root beer flavors.

We rate it as a tasty and unique addition to Smirnoff’s flavored lineup. If you see a bottle at your local liquor store, make sure to pick it up. Crack one open, sip, and let it transport you back to the carefree days of childhood nostalgia. Let us know what you think once you give Smirnoff root beer vodka a try!