Sipping Through the Scenic Rockies: Exploring Colorado Gins

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Are you a gin lover who’s looking for a new experience? Look no further than the beautiful state of Colorado! Known for its stunning scenery and outdoor recreation, Colorado is also home to a growing number of craft distilleries producing high-quality gins that reflect the state’s unique character. Join us on a journey through the Rocky Mountains to discover some of the best Colorado gins has to offer.

The Rise of Colorado Gins

Colorado is quickly becoming a hot spot for craft distilleries, with more than 100 now operating in the state. Gin is a popular choice among these distilleries, thanks to its versatility and the opportunity to experiment with unique botanicals. We’ll take a look at the history of gin in Colorado and how it’s evolved over the years.

The Botanicals of Colorado

One of the reasons Colorado gins are so special is the unique botanicals that grow in the state’s diverse landscapes. From the aromatic sagebrush of the high desert to the sweet juniper berries of the mountains, Colorado’s plants and herbs offer a range of flavors and aromas that are perfect for gin-making. We’ll explore some of the most common and unusual botanicals found in Colorado gins.

A Tour of Colorado’s Best Gins

We’ll visit some of Colorado’s top gin distilleries, including Leopold Bros., State 38 Distilling, and Spring 44. We’ll learn about the distilling process, the ingredients used, and what makes each gin unique. Along the way, we’ll sample some of the best cocktails made with Colorado gin and learn how to make them ourselves.

Leopold Bros.

Leopold Bros. is one of Colorado’s oldest and most respected craft distilleries. We’ll tour the facility and learn about the brothers’ commitment to sustainability and local sourcing. We’ll taste their flagship American Gin, which features a blend of botanicals including hand-zested citrus, coriander, and cardamom.

State 38 Distilling

Located in Golden, State 38 Distilling is known for its award-winning Sunflower Gin. We’ll learn about the distilling process and the unique ingredients used in this gin, including sunflower seeds and honey from Colorado’s Western Slope.

Spring 44

Spring 44 is located in Loveland and produces a range of spirits, including a popular gin made with water sourced from a nearby artesian spring. We’ll learn about the distillery’s commitment to sustainability and sample their classic gin, which features a blend of botanicals including lavender, chamomile, and juniper.

Colorado Gin Cocktails

Now that we’ve tasted some of Colorado’s best gins, it’s time to learn how to make some delicious cocktails using them. We’ll explore classic gin cocktails like the Negroni and the Martini, as well as some unique creations from Colorado’s top bartenders.

Where to Buy Colorado Gin

If you’re ready to bring home some Colorado gins, we’ll share the best places to buy it, including local liquor stores and online retailers. We’ll also discuss the legalities of shipping alcohol across state lines.


Colorado’s gin scene is thriving, thanks to the state’s unique botanicals and a growing community of craft distillers. Whether you’re a seasoned gin drinker or just starting to explore the world of spirits, Colorado gins offer a taste of the state’s rugged beauty and adventurous spirit.


1. What makes Colorado gins unique?

Colorado’s diverse landscapes offer a range of botanicals that distillers can use to create unique and flavorful gins. From the sagebrush of the high desert to the juniper berries of the mountains, Colorado’s plants and herbs provide a distinctive taste that sets its gins apart from others.

2. What are some popular Colorado gins cocktails?

Some popular Colorado gin cocktails include the Negroni, the Martini, and the Aviation. Many bartenders also create their own unique concoctions using Colorado’s gins and local ingredients.

3. Where can I buy Colorado gin?

You can find Colorado gin at local liquor stores and online retailers. Some distilleries also sell their products directly to consumers. However, keep in mind that shipping alcohol across state lines can be complicated, so be sure to research the legalities before ordering.

4. What makes Leopold Bros. gin special?

Leopold Bros. gin is made with hand-zested citrus, coriander, and cardamom, among other botanicals. The distillery also has a strong commitment to sustainability and local sourcing, using Colorado-grown ingredients whenever possible.

5. What is State 38 Distilling’s Sunflower Gin?

State 38 Distilling’s Sunflower Gin is made with a unique combination of botanicals, including sunflower seeds and honey from Colorado’s Western Slope. It has won several awards for its distinctive flavor and quality.